The gateway has now opened to multidimensional businesses. Diamond dynasties are ready to be birthed.

The power of our influence lies in the cosmos. Not in our numbers.

We are here to redefine the term Influencer.

Once and for all.

Dark businesses are elegantly loud.

We are gracefully disruptive. Our power goes way beyond what the eyes can see.

We work with potent codes that speak to the body, not the mind.

We are felt deeply. We echo our silence as alchemists, witches, weavers, those ready to bring true magic to this world and lead people into the era of Dark Consciousness.

Dark influencers don't resonate. We activate.

Most influencers (and their content) currently hold and release light codes.
These codes are resonating. They are inviting. They confirm what we already hold within us.

Dark influencers do not resonate. Dark codes do not live in the body of those not yet activated, and so our content is precisely, and elegantly disruptive to their system. However, if they choose to ingest the elixir placed before them, the codes will CREATE a new frequency within their body…. and they will now resonate with MAGIC. This is an activation. A massive upgrade. It isn’t a confirmation, but a transformation.

Wild Influencer is a dynasty-building membership unlike any other.

Not only do we have the newest energetic upgrades for sales, marketing, technology, branding and team-building on the planet…
But we also teach you how to unhook from the current known ways of building a Light empire. Ways that you can’t run from if you operate on the current system of manifestation because the grid is just wired to work that way.
But you’re not. You’re wired differently. You’re wired for magic.
And the disruptive ease, glorious magic, and ridiculous wealth that you KNOW exists but simply couldn’t access… now becomes available to you.

Your work is potent.

It is new. It is something most can’t fully understand…but you’re here for the ones who do.
You have exacting standards, and know you stand out from the crowd.
You have seen the limitations of hustle and the current ways of manifestation and you’ve been looking for anyone, anywhere to tell you that there is a magical way to build this dynasty.
This membership is your gateway to star power.


This membership will be filled with monthly live channelings by the team designed to help you build your dynasty.

Training Vault

Our tech witch will continuously create how-to videos to help you implement tech magic as well as other system upgrades to your business.

Guest Influencers

We will be bringing you a combination of guest influencers to give you a taste of how different magical CEOs run their businesses.

Bonus Programs

As part of this membership you will be receiving free access to special courses and trainings to boost your influence and market yourself with potency. You will also receive special discounts to other offers as a member.

Online Realm

We have a very special new platform for our online community. This realm will be your go-to space to attend all live trainings and share with other influencers-in-the-making.

Live Oracle

We will be doing live displays of tech assessments, hot-seat channeling, branding assessments and much more to give you an idea of what we look for and how we code it specifically for you.

Tech runs differently in a dark dynasty.

You can automate a funnel and create without an audience.
You can run an ad and get a referral.
You can organize your Google Drive and leave your Dropbox a mess.
We break all the rules.
Ashley S., COO of Wild Dynasty and our Tech Witch will be doing trainings on how to tune yourself to the right system for your business and become the gateway for constant magical upgrades.
She’s absolutely brilliant at reading the pulse of a business and knowing where the pipes are blocked, plus the exact tweak needed to get the current flowing nicely again.

You sell with style, not with sleaze.

We don’t overcome objections.

We don’t convince anybody to buy. We just hold a very specific exacting frequency that codes every sales call with our expectation from the start, so we don’t need to say a word.

Naveed A., CEO of Wild Dynasty and our dark closer, closes six-figure sales in silence and has done millions more over messenger. To strangers.

And yes, he gets on sales calls. But he might not even tell you what the program is for. He knows the exact formula to dismantle your human and place the new codes of awakening so that you cross the threshold.

We take the sleaze out of it and ramp up the badassery.

You don't build a brand. You weave myths.

Our myths are coded with magic. They don’t just sit on a screen.
They come to life in the 3D world.
Adeline L., our Wild Mythmaker and brand alchemist has created absolutely magical realms for her clients where they have truly been in tears after the experience.
This is the power of potency. This is the power of nailing your exacting frequency.
It’s not just you in a bathtub, in a power suit, or you in heels at some luxury hotel.
In fact, most of the time, the one in the bathtub IS Adeline, channeling the fuck out of your myth that’s going to take over the world.
We create mystical worlds that belong ONLY to you.

How you show up completely changes.

Hi, ofcourse you know me. I’m Sonika, CEO of Wild Dynasty & the epitome of a dark influencer. I have people watch me from a distance, completely mesmerized by how I express my genius. My social media numbers look nothing like my bank account.

In the best way possible.

This means I know how to create a TON of cash from Nothing.

How I market, sell, brand, or use tech is completely at my disposal because I’ve mastered true creation (not manifestation.)

Multi-millions and no audience. What powerful magic is this?

It's invisible influence.

The Wild Dynasty team understands portal travel in business.
We never do anything because we need to.
We aren’t even consistent.
We’re just fucking magical.

You have two enrollment options.

Get ready to be booked out with dream clients at unimaginable prices.

Enroll into the Wild Influencer membership and receive instant access to the community, trainings and bonuses.

Have access to all trainings as long as you’re a member

Cancel anytime

Enroll into the Wild Influencer membership AND the Wild Alchemist Portal membership and get a special discount.

This gives you an amazing combination of deep dark consciousness energetics combined with dark dynasty-building content that will set you up for serious magic.

Have access to all trainings as long as you’re a member

Cancel anytime