Dare To Deal

Two-Part Masterclass Series

Dare to Deal in the Dark.

We don’t approach sales like anyone else.

We understand that selling is alchemy, and that there is a very potent moment available in every single sales conversation, whether its on the phone, over messenger or even through marketing… which allows our potent codes to bypass shadow so the prospect receives an instant upgrade.

You know what happens next?

They sell themselves.

We don’t do cold reach outs.
We don’t have a strategy.
We simply have a very potent conversation.

This two-part masterclass series is not about sleaze.

It's about style.

We have been selling consciousness programs for the last 5 years. And we have sold to lawyers, doctors, business owners, parents, authors, bank tellers and psychologists.

We have had conversations with web designers whom we were interested in hiring, and flipped the conversation to having them pay us 5 figures instead.

We know just what button to press. We know when to hold back. Because we can read you like a book without you saying a word.

This saves us lots of time when closing deals.

We sell with silence.

We sell what wasn’t even on the table when the conversation began.

We sell with ease.

This isn’t a strategy. This is art.

And there are things you can do right now to turn up the heat on your sales numbers.

Meet your hosts

Known as the Royal Couple of the spiritual world of consciousness, Naveed & Sonika (CEOs of Wild Dynasty) have apprenticed directly under the biggest names within the spiritual industry. Having earned millions of dollars, and helping their clients do the same, this power couple is now here with a their very own spiritual legacy that is considered one of the most cutting-edge energetic frequencies found anywhere on the planet.

Dreaming of a world of pure magic, money, love and health, they are now creating the very world they have been in search of their entire lives – one that no current spiritual leader has ever built.

Having unlocked their own inner Alchemist, they are now paving the path for others to learn the new art of Chaos Alchemy. Their clients are unlocking potent, high-level psychic abilities and upgrading their sight so they can begin to weave their own waking dream of money, health, love, business and more.


Once you enroll, you receive lifetime access to the masterclass series.

Investment: $350

A two-part masterclass series to help you become a
badass dark closer and skyrocket your sales.