Build Your Empire.

We help you activate your very own magical Wealth Dynasty & Spiritual Empire. It’s one thing to build a business and create money. It’s another thing to build a dynasty that holds codes of magic woven into it’s very thread of creation. It’s time to play a new game.

Private Experiences


A private 1:1 experience with Sonika A., CEO of Wild Dynasty, to unleash the Jackpot frequency within your body and learn how to play with the codes of luxury. She will take you to a space where money becomes unbelievably magical and you will instantly shed constructs and shadows around the big game of money.

Wild Mythmaker

Unleash the myth of your very own unique magical brand with our Wild MythMaker, Adeline Lopez. Work with her to rebrand your entire dynasty, and begin to place your codes in this physical dimension for all to see. Enter her world of synchronicity spirals, myths and branding to finally bring pure magic to life.

Digital & Group Experiences

Wild Influencer

The gateway has now opened to multidimensional businesses. Diamond dynasties are ready to be birthed. The power of our influence lies in the cosmos. Not in our numbers. We are here to redefine the term Influencer. Once and for all. Wild Influencer is a dynasty-building membership unlike any other.


This is a masterclass like no other. Specifically coded to help you realize the power of your pulse, your breath, the magic running through your veins. And how this can make you millions.

Practical Magic

Join our Wild Mage, Ashley Summers. as she teaches you the practical magic of technology, organization and systems. Allow your physical world to support the powerful energy and creation of your spiritual dynasty.

The Royal Coach

The Royal Coach on the surface is going to be you, your coaching empire, and us working together on all of its pieces as we go through the modules. On a deeper side, this is going to be pure magic. It is your journey to shed the constructs of the old coaching empire, and make your way to your magical Oracle space.

Dare to Deal

Dare to deal is a powerful experience that touches on sales energy and mastery in a badass, stylish way that closes prospects with ease. It’s a frequency most are afraid to play with – but its one that turns you into the best kind of luxury closer.